VIOHALCO ARViohalco joined the Brussels Euronext Stock Exchange in 2013. The FBRH team's brief was to create an Annual Report that swiftly communicated important information about Viohalco to a new audience.


Important information presented in a clear fashion

First we crafted a layout which could accommodate many photos in a clear, uncluttered format. 

The FBRH team used photos, infographics, easy to understand charts and pull outs with important messages. Emphasis was given to the initial spreads of the report, which were enriched with plenty of information, but at the same time designed so as not to be overwhelming. 

The report was produced in four languages: English, French, Flemish and Greek as interactive pdfs and eBooks.


Interactive pdfs

We all know what a Portable Document Format is... and we know how and why they are generally used. But did you know that a pdf can be so much more than a document with static words and pictures?

One of the most important features of interactive pdfs is that users can easily navigate through the publication with buttons clearly positioned on every spread.

Other features included in the Viohalco Annual Report interactive pdf:

  • Table of contents linked with inner pages
  • Active links to webpages
  • Clicking on email addresses linked to the user's email software

English | French | Flemish | Greek


The main advantage of eBooks is that every single page can be shared via emails or social media. This empowers digital marketing teams and users with the ability to upload links to pages on facebook, twitter, linkedin, myspace, Tumblr and Blogger (to name just a few). Also, users can copy and send links via e-mail, and even embed your publication into their own sites.

English | French | Flemish | Greek

For a more comprehensive list of eBook benefits please follow this link


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