Who are your target audiences... and how can they be reached?FBRH choice of digital publications formats 2

The answer to this question is key in deciding which publication format... or combination of formats... will be used.

The physical beauty of print

Some people prefer a print publication because it is tangible,... they like the feel of paper in their hands. There's something about holding a publication in your hand and the act of physically turning a page that can't be matched with pixels on a screen.

But digital publications have their own, very specific advantages.

Communicating and sharing information with digital publications

Through digital publications target audiences worldwide can easily be reached. Some of the main benefits of digital publications are:
Use of rich media. Interactive 3D, slide shows or video within the pages of your publication elevate your target audience's experience. Your videos can be played directly from a page, and you can include in your publication a video of an executive's address, events, service/ product advertisements, and more.
Social media / sharing. Each and every page can be shared using social media or direct links to your website.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Any text appearing on pages can be "seen" by search engines and appear in search results.
Multiple platform support. Engage with audiences, whether they use tablets, smartphones, laptops or desktop computers.
Web analytics. Analyze and monitor traffic. Analytics allow you to measure all kinds of information regarding the users of your publications and take decisions on how to drive traffic.

More on the benefits of digital publications.



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