FBRH has, since 2008, provided ENPI (a communication project by the European Commission) with a selection of digital and print publications in a number of languages:

  • Press Packs (interactive pdfs, eBooks) samples: English French Arabic
  • Magazines (interactive pdfs, eBooks) 
  • Feature stories (interactive pdfs)

Digital publications: an important part of a Digital Marketing Strategy 

The most important aspects of digital publications are that they can be well designed to facilitate optimum communication and that they can be easily shared with specific target audiences all over the world.

The beauty of interactive pdfs is that they are a based on broadly known format, which is used worldwide. They can be opened in the same way as any pdf with the added value that users are able to navigate easily through the pages, link to maps, emails, videos or any other link with information.

With eBooks a major advantage is that you can share each and every page. You can direct your target audiences to a specific page and if they wish they can download the complete publication in pdf or just the page they are reading. Other benefits include search engine optimization (SEO), web analytics, mobile device support (iPhone, iPad, Android).

More benefits of eBooks.



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FBRH has project managed the preparation and communication of
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