The FBRH Team has since 2008 provided the European Commission's communication project EU Neighbourhood Info Centre, with publications in Arabic for print and digital including press packs, magazines, brochures and feature stories, as part of the FBRH multilingual publication service.

New Design or using your existing layouts
FBRH arabic publication service eu commission research press packYour Arabic publications are meticulously designed to cater for right to left reading with graphic elements correctly positioned to optimise communication with Arabic target audiences.

If there are existing layouts in any application (mac or pc), the FBRH team will mirror them using specialised tools for right to left reading.

FBRH team: Professional multilingual Arabic speakers and specialised designers and art workers
The FBRH team is composed of specialized designers and art workers for Arabic publications and professional multilingual Arabic native speakers who have a proven track record and years of experience with the European Commission's communication material. The FBRH team:

  • works and always achieves delivery in accordance to strict deadlines
  • meticulously proof-checks publications
  • uses a robust methodology to ensure that each and every publication is delivered to the highest standards in design, communication and technical specification.
  • provides ISO quality printing files prepared and delivered to printing factories across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.
  • designs digital publications (interactive pdfs, eBooks) which offer a plethora of tools to facilitate navigation and use by Arabic target audiences
  • works with clients using FBRH secure servers with password restricted access for all FBRH client files.

Arabic Translation services
Specialist native Arabic translators with long experience with EU project work deliver first class text with special attention given to getting the correct communication messages to Arabic target audiences.

Samples of work
EU Commission - Panorama of EU Regional Programmes and Projects
EU Commission - Feature Story Magazine
EU Commission - Transport Press Pack
EU Partnership for Peace

FBRH Multilingual Publication Service
The FBRH team designs and publishes publications for print and in digital in a number of languages. We publish in Arabic, Chinese, English, Dutch, French, Georgian, Greek, Hebrew and Russian.
For other language requirements please contact us. We will examine your needs and provide a detailed proposal.

For more details regarding the FBRH multilingual publication service.

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