Choose the charity you want to have a positive impact on

Communicating what a charity is about goes a long way towards achieving the charity’s goals. In today’s digital age where information must be easily accessible, e-publishing presents a variety of advantages over print media.


With every Corporate Social Responsibly Report or Annual Report we are assigned we offer a free digital edition of a charity’s newspaper, newsletter, magazine or other print edition

All we need is the print edition in PDF. The FBRH team will create a digital edition featuring:

•  A table of contents

•  Links within the digital edition

•  External links to the charity’s website, online donation forms, newsletters, news and events, Google Maps or other information

A sample of such a digital edition can be seen here.

The charity’s digital edition will also include a mention of your company as the sponsor.


FBRH is about positive change

FBRH is a Certified Training Partner and an Organisational Stakeholder of the Global Reporting Initiative and committed to promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – we firmly believe that GRI Standards bring a positive chain reaction that is changing our world.

FBRH as an acronym derives from a definition of ‘trust’: Firm Belief in Reliability and Honesty. Indeed, trust defines every aspect of the FBRH team’s work: everything we do is geared towards gaining and keeping the trust of all our stakeholders.

•  We pride ourselves on our integrity

•  We pride ourselves on the quality of our work

•  The quality of our people is our most important asset

•  We are never satisfied, continually looking for new and better ways of doing things

•  We are willing to take risks to innovate and stay on the cutting edge


Useful links - web directories of charities and non-profit organizations

Check out the directories of charities and NGOs to find the charity/NGO you want to have a positive impact on:λίστα-των-ελληνικών-φιλανθρωπικών-ιδ/


If you would like the link to your charity/ NGO to appear on this page please contact us.

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