This series of articles have been created to demonstrate the importance and value sustainability brings to a business or organisation. Why sustainability is not longer a nice to have but a must have. Also read:

Are you a business partner for the long term?
Why the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) matter for business
Communicate. Lay the solid foundation for good communication 

Are you attracting top talent?

How are you addressing the sustainable development goals sdgs
Top talent is ever more important in the effort to achieve strategic business objectives and can help you achieve considerable success in the marketplace. 

Millennials, the largest generation ever, who hold our future in their hands, are overwhelmingly pro-sustainability and are showing this with their every action.

Millennials are attracted to businesses whose priorities align with their own. They choose to work for businesses that are in for the long term and can demonstrate that they are taking solid, focused action and are at the forefront of the transition to the sustainable, circular economy.


★★★★★ Highly rated CSR/ESG/SDG/ Sustainability course

20 reasons why the fbrh gri standards iema course cerrtified sdg esg sustainabilityThe Highly Rated 2-day FBRH GRI Certified and IEMA approved course is first and foremost about taking sustainability action ASAP and demonstrating this through your first-class CSR/Sustainability report. You will be using the GRI Standards the worlds Gold Standard in Sustainability Reporting. 80% of the worlds largest 250 companies use the GRI Standards for reporting.

fbrh interactive course pdf iconA sustainability report demonstrates your commitment

With a solid, all-round CSR/ SDG/ ESG/ Sustainability report, you demonstrate to all your stakeholders (business partners, clients, employees, local communities etc) that you are committed, responsible and in for the long term. You show that you are well aware of the risks and opportunities arising from the transition to the sustainable, circular economy and that you are taking a structured, all-round, methodical approach to keeping your business or organisation competitive and sustainable in the foreseeable future, maintaining and increasing its value.



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Imagine how much easier it would be to convince potential top talent ...

that you are the right employer if you had a first-class CSR/ Sustainability report, showing that you are taking solid, focused action to address the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Demonstrate that you are the employer for the long term

Join the next 2-day FBRH GRI Standards Certified and IEMA approved course and launch ASAP your First-Class Sustainability Report.

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