Clear and effective messages: combining expertise to bring out the best in your Sustainability/ CSR report

The FBRH team combines its expertise and knowledge of the GRI Standards with the art of writing and the art of creating well-thought-out digital and print publications to convey important messages in a clear and concise way.

As a Certified Training Partner of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), FBRH knows how to identify 'what matters where it matters' and advise companies on: a) how to spot their most crucial impacts on the environment and their stakeholders and b) how reports should be crafted to communicate effectively a company’s actions to stakeholders.


In a world full of noise, how do you get people to actually read what you write?

There are two types of readers: those who will flip through a report to gain an overall understanding of what it is about and those who will study every detail and read a report from cover to cover.

Both types of readers will appreciate the ability to swiftly go through it. We highlight important information through:

•  Catchy headings

•  Well-written and concise opening paragraphs

•  Pullouts as display elements and as a way to attract the reader and break up long blocks of text. A reader going through such snippets of important information is invited to read a page for more information.

•  Info-graphics as a way to simplify and help readers swiftly comprehend complex information. Reaching a global audience becomes easier when done visually, with language barriers minimized.

•  A GRI indicators table linked to your report, making navigation a simple task and enabling readers to speedily find all the essential information regarding your positive contribution to the world.

•  The power of good photography. Sometimes nothing beats a good photograph in grabbing your audience’s attention and illustrating your message. We commission photography, use online photo-libraries and use the FBRH photo library.



Solutions that become a key part of your social media marketing strategy

The importance of social media as part of the marketing mix is nowadays undisputed. In this age of the empowered customer, a deliberate and planned approach to social media helps companies keep their finger on the pulse of what matters to their customers. Companies that embrace social media as a central part of their marketing strategy quickly realize social media is not about pushing out promotional materials to their audience. It is about collaborative interaction with customers, prospects and even employees, for a company to gain valuable insights, solidify long-lasting relationships and cultivate customer advocates. 


A tool for a company’s social media team

Digital publications enable social media teams to easily point people to information in well-designed digital publications pages. For example, questions regarding Sustainability/ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues can be answered simply by pointing social media users to a specific page in a digital CSR report.

In a world where complete transparency is a fact companies need to build sustainable stakeholder trust to meet their long-term objectives. A Sustainability/ CSR report done responsibly is the first step to communicating your positive contribution to the world, showing that you are a responsible and trusting partner.

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