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FBRH tool continual improvementServices: web solutions, digital marketing, digital publications, content management

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The FBRH team used its combined knowledge in digital marketing, user experience design, advertising, design and technology to provide a lead generation tool to Deloitte.


Step One Deloitte’s digital marketing efforts are aimed towards the online library, a solution which was specially designed and developed by the FBRH team. The creation of a user friendly environement so users can find information on the different services provided by Deloitte.

Step Two FBRH has specially designed interactive digital publications (eBooks, Apple iBooks) to enable users to swiftly find information in different languages.

Step Three Links within the digital publications and on the website point towards Deloitte’s Request for Proposal Form.

Step Four Web analytics is used to analyze and monitor traffic. Which digital marketing efforts are working and in what ways.


FBRH Digital marketing funnel 2For example:

Type of Digital Marketing Activity: Positioning of banners in Chinese high traffic websites

• Is Banner A bringing better results in comparison to Banner B?
• How many users are eventually going to Deloitte’s Request for Proposal Form?
• How many users are coming to the website from each banner?
• How are they interacting with publications?
• Are they also reading other publications which are not available in Chinese? Does information indicate that specific publication should also be published in chinese and promoted separately?


Continual cycle of improvement 

This solution by FBRH, helps the Deloitte’s marketing team to reinvent their marketing strategy every day and improve on the number of leads being directed to the Deloitte Request for Proposal Form. Deloitte is able to see what works, estimate the cost efficiency of their digital marketing activities and make adjustments to their plans.

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