FBRH provides comprehensive sustainability reporting assurance services, supporting organisations in demonstrating the accuracy, completeness and reliability of their reporting. FBRH provides external assurance for sustainability reports by:

  • demonstrating competence in the subject matter and assurance practices
  • reaching and publishing an impartial conclusion on a report
  • implementing assurance in a systematic, documented, evidence-based manner
  • assessing whether a report provides a reasonable and balanced presentation of an organisation’s performance
  • assessing the extent to which the report preparer has applied the reporting framework’s guidelines


Why assure?

As investors, public authorities, the media, NGOs and other key stakeholders are paying more and more attention to the reliability, accuracy and relevance of data disclosure in non-financial reports, organisations around the globe increasingly seek independent assurance. Key benefits of assurance, very briefly, include:

  • increased recognition and trust
  • reduced risk and increased value
  • heightened Board and CEO level engagement
  • strengthened management systems
  • improved stakeholder engagement


Assurance according to the AA1000

AccountAbility's new AA1000AP (2018) is an internationally recognised, principles-based framework and guidance that organisations can use to identify, prioritise and respond to sustainability challenges, improving long-term performance.


Your trusted sustainability reporting partner

By partnering with FBRH, sustainability reporting will become a powerful tool that will help your organisation:

  • crystallise its sustainability strategy
  • mitigate risks
  • improve sustainability and operational performance
  • strengthen internal management systems
  • build relationships of trust with key stakeholders


About FBRH Consultants - key facts

  • Established in 2001
  • FBRH is an acronym for the word trust: Firm Belief in Reliability and Honesty. Building and maintaining trust is the air we breathe. We are committed and pull out all the stops to ensure that first-class services are provided to all our clients (see endorsements by our clients). 
  • We provide GRI Certified Training and practice sustainability reporting
  • FBRH is:
    One of two GRI Certified Training Partners in the United Kingdom
    An Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (ΙΕΜΑ) Training Partner
  • FBRH has provided GRI Certified Training for executives of some of the largest companies and organisations in the world (from Aramco to the World Business Council for Sustainable Developmentsee complete list)



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