Take your first step towards creating a first-class GRI Standards CSR | ESG | Sustainability Report and owning your sustainability reporting process

FBRH Consultants, a UK GRI Certified and IEMA Training Partner, is well placed to help you begin reporting with a first-class GRI Standards ESG/ CSR/ Sustainability report and help you internalise the process: progressively gain the know-how to prepare as much of your sustainability report is possible in-house and thereby minimise costs. 


Why sustainability matters to your stakeholders

Take for example investors. They want to see how companies:

  • Respond to climate, demographic, technological change, and political developments
  • Benefit from the transition to the Sustainable, Circular Economy

By disclosing the information that investors are looking for, businesses can prove that they are effectively managing business risks and identifying opportunities. Most importantly, companies that publish high-quality information regarding the longer-term implications of ESG for their business are, research shows, increasingly more likely to attract and retain long-term investors (London Stock Exchange).

Important research by well-recognised institutions (e.g. Oxford University, Harvard Business School, Mintel, MIT, Nielsen, Morgan Stanley, Chartered Institute of Marketing) is clearly proving that companies publishing CSR/ ESG/ Sustainability reports can look to the future with optimism. Research also shows why companies should not ignore Millennials, one of the largest generations in history, who are about to move into their prime spending years and are taking sustainable decisions as managers.


The FBRH Sustainability Reporting Services

FBRH offers reliable, comprehensive sustainability reporting services, which include:

  • Helping you form an effective Sustainability Development Team. Additionally, we provide:
    • GRI Standards Certified and IEMA Approved Training
    • Best practice in choosing the right members for your Sustainability Development Team. A strong, dynamic team formed with full representation from your company's divisions, can make all the difference in your efforts to protect the environment and maintain and increase the value of your company.
  • Consultation in developing a Sustainability Decision-Making Structure
  • Facilitating a materiality workshop:
    • identify key business risks and opportunities
    • benchmark against companies in your sector
  • Facilitating stakeholder engagement – how to best engage with your stakeholders and gain valuable insights
  • Building processes needed to gather data
  • Building benchmarking procedures – how your report will be continuously evolving /improving and ranked in the top reports in your sector
  • Report Write-Up – delivering a report that is well written in easy to understand English, to address a global audience


Communicating your report with FBRH

How does a report communicate well?

How do you declutter a report so that report users can swiftly see your achievements and can easily drill down to more detailed information? How do you produce a report that is both in accordance with the GRI Standards and user-friendly? 

As a GRI Certified Training Partner, FBRH Consultants applies its expert knowledge of the GRI Standards to produce a well-designed and readable report. Your report is skilfully prepared to achieve good communication will all audiences and build trust with stakeholders. Good communication is ever more important in the transparent digital age we live in.

Your responsibly prepared CSR/ ESG/ sustainability report becomes a valuable source of information and a reference for your company to demonstrate that it is already taking action through a methodical and structured approach and that it does not leave anything to chance. 


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Why FBRH Consultants is the right sustainability reporting partner
Experts in Certified GRI Training and implementing the GRI Standards

  • FBRH was established in 2001. 
  • Trust is like the air we breathe: an integral part of our being. FBRH is the acronym of the description of the word trust: Firm Belief in Reliability and Honesty. We are committed and pull out all the stops to ensure that first-class services are provided to all our clients.
  • We provide GRI Certified Training and practice sustainability reporting.
  • FBRH is:
  • FBRH has provided GRI Certified Training for executives of some of the largest companies and organisations in the world (from Aramco to the World Business Council for Sustainable Developmentsee complete list)





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