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Simon Pitsillides FBRH Consultants BWAs a staunch supporter of businesses and after my many years of experience supporting blue chip clients through FBRH, I firmly believe that sustainability/CSR reporting in accordance with the GRI Standards is crucial for companies to succeed in the long term. Crucial not only in the effort to protect our fragile environment and battle climate change, but also for companies in identifying and taking action on their most important impacts on stakeholders that can hold them back or stop them from reaching their objectives. Sustainability reporting is an important tool that helps companies maintain and increase their value.

As the Director of FBRH I am committed:

1. Most importantly, to doing everything possible to ensure that participants in the FBRH GRI Standards Certified Courses acquire the essential knowledge and skills needed to successfully begin their reporting journey and complete their report. Our aim is to keep the need for external consultation to a minimum.

2. To helping companies in making maximum use of internal resources and therefore achieving important savings.

3. To being personally available to answer any post-course questions.

4. To never communicating with participants in the FBRH GRI Standards Certified and IEMA approved Courses after completion of the courses without their permission. FBRH is implementing all the measures recommended by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), to demonstrate that it takes the protection of course participants’ personal information very seriously.

5. To providing the best possible, tailor-made solutions. Clients' needs are assessed and met by teams composed of internal and external experts in different fields, in order to provide the best possible results in every way. For example, we propose, where needed, the services of experienced and highly qualified environmental consultants from renowned universities. Our resolve to promote “Sustainability/ CSR/ ESG Reporting Done Responsibly” can be seen in the launch of www.sustaincase.com, primarily created to demonstrate, primarily through case studies, the importance of dealing with a company’s most important impacts in a structured way, with use of the GRI Standards.

By taking the next step to register for the FBRH GRI Standards Certified And IEMA Approved 2-day Course you are becoming part of a positive chain reaction that is changing our world.

Simon Pitsillides


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