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Two are the main reasons why infographics are very important in our world:

1. They are designed to convey complex information quickly and clearly
2. A global audience is reached easier visually. Language barriers are minimized.

How Infographics can help your Organization

The effective use of infographics and the creation of interesting and memorable pictures can increase traffic to your website and make it much easier for your target audience to read your publication and understand key messages.

The FBRH team begins with your communication brief or by defining communication objectives with you. With this information as guidance, proposals are made on the ways your content can be presented, so your digital publications are communicated to your target audiences quickly, clearly and in a visually pleasing way. We use color coding and create graphics and reference icons which are customised to match your branding.

Sample 1:

EU Georgia Delegation - “Cultural Week - View Europe though the Arts” How the FBRH team achieved to to convey quickly and clearcly a complex programme of events: view pdf

Sample 2:

ENPI (European Commission’s communication tool) Achievements of the Info Centre conveyed with an easy to understand infographic: view pdf