FBRH linking GRI indicators graphicA Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report is an organizational report that gives information about economic, environmental, social and governance performance.

What is the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) 

Every year, more than 7,000 companies publish a CSR report based on the framework of the Global reporting Initiative (GRI). It is no coincidence that 80% of the top 250 global companies are issuing Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) based CSR reports.

GRI Indicators

With GRI based CSR reports, indicators detail the information needed in regards to the economic, environmental and social performance of a company. Indicators are listed in a report along with the list pages where this information can be seen. Stakeholders of a company are therefore empowered to easily locate the information. In digital CSR reports published by the FBRH team each and every indicator page reference is linked, so users are a just click away.

Samples of GRI indicator tables in Digital publications prepared by the FBRH team:

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