A "Culture of Sustainability"

We strongly believe that the many challenges our world is facing today can be tackled effectively if the majority of business / organisations identify their impacts and take action to reduce negative impacts and increase positive impacts through an all-round, structured and methodical approach.  We need a "Culture of Sustainability" to underpin a green recovery not just in regards to the environment but also for the economy and society. It is, therefore, the duty of every person and every business or organisation to identify ways they can use any leverage they have to Increase Positive Change (IPC).


Managing our impact on the environment

FBRH empowers companies to reduce their negative impacts on the environment through consulting and training. FBRH operates with a low carbon footprint; favoring online repositories and remote courses over printed materials and travel when feasible. Additionally, our policy to work remotely has been in place since FBRH’s inception, further reducing our environmental impact. 


Managing our impact on the economy

FBRH empowers companies to perform more sustainably - and therefore more successfully. Our training provides people with the opportunity to gain new skills and add economic value to their employers and their own lives and communities. 


Managing our impact on people (society)

FBRH trains individuals in new skills that provide them with increased employment opportunities and increased ability to contribute to a sustainable economy. To make these opportunities accessible we offer our programs globally, and we offer discounted training opportunities to students.  FBRH also employs skilled contractors across Europe, providing opportunities to earn income under flexible and supportive working conditions.


Public service and information in support of sustainability

FBRH also operates www.sustaincase.com as a media partner and public service. With new content published several times a week, SustainCase empowers companies and organization to learn from best practices at no cost and allowing us to raise the public profile of sustainability success stories. 


Recognizing companies who Increase Positive Change

Arguably one of the most important issues of our time is that only one in ten companies globally are taking sustainability action.

For this main reason, FBRH has created an assurance standard specific to the GRI Sustainability Standards that is designed to support companies as they step up their sustainability efforts, with multiple levels of assurance providing a step-by-step process for companies to Increase Positive Change (IPC) over time. Furthermore, FBRH has created the Increase Positive Change (IPC) logo and recognition program to encourage and support increased sustainability.  

Companies can increase positive change by assessing suppliers using environmental and social criteria and through implementing GRI Disclosure 201-1 Direct economic value generated and distributed (EVG&D).

A company benefits by working towards a resilient sustainable supply chain and supporting the economies and communities it relies on fro grown and profit.




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