Client Endorsements

  • ...FBRH completed the work in a timely manner... We are satisfied with the quality of work offered by FBRH. CENTRAL BANK OF CYPRUS

  • My congratulations to the FBRH team for the work and the excellent results regarding our Corporate Social Responsibility Report. Christos Papaellinas, Chief Executive Officer of C.A. PAPAELLINAS PHARMACEUTICALS & COSMETICS

  • ...all work and communication was completed successfully via electronic means (i.e. email, skype). All projects assigned to FBRH were completed on time and always to our best satisfaction. ENPI INFO CENTRE A communication project by the European Commission.

  • FBRH Ltd has provided free of charge marketing support for KISA (Action for Equality, Support, Antiracism), assisting the NGO in its activities in combating xenophobia and racism, sensitization of Cypriot society and provision of support services to migrants, asylum seekers, refugees and foreign students. Mr Doros Polykarpou, President of KISA

  • ...are particularly talented professionals. FBRH is very capable in understanding customer needs.  NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE (CYPRUS)

  • unprecedented rise in sales was achieved. There was significant growth in all the major brands. Always, Pantene and Pampers achieved significant increases in sales. PROCTER & GAMBLE (on Simon Pitsillides as General Manager of Arc En Ciel Ltd)

  • I am delighted to describe and express the high level of customer satisfaction FBRH Consultants Ltd provide clients in terms of quality of their work, leadtime and the frequent follow up. TETRA PAK, Egypt

  • ...the work stand out in terms of punctuality, sensitivity regarding the client's wishes and needs, flexibility and, above all, professionalism.  UNIVERSITY OF CYPRUS

  • ...has proven to be a very reliable, flexible and efficient professional that can easily work under pressing conditions on the one hand, while on the other hand he deeply understands his customers' requirements and needs. VIOHALCO S.A

English, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Hebrew, Greek, Georgian, French, Italian, Spanish, Flemish, German

FBRH provides clients with digital publications in a selection of languages enabling marketing teams to easily target audiences around the world. We have all the technical, multilingual typesetting; knowledge you need, from an in-depth understanding of different language fonts to an authoritative knowledge of multilingual design.

ENPI (A communication tool by the European Commission)

Since 2008 the FBRH team has been providing ENPI publications in a number of languages. From publications produced for left to right reading, Latin based languages, to publications for right to left reading languages, such as Arabic and Hebrew. Multipage magazines are regularly produced in Arabic, French and English. The layout of the publications in Arabic are mirrored to ensure that each element on a page is properly positioned, therefore ensuring that pages are properly communicated to the target audience. 

These publications are either produced as interactive pdfs or as eBooks.

An example of such a publication is the ENPI Projects in Action, 2014-15 Edition which has been produced in Arabic French and English.


DELOITTE publications in English, Chinese, Greek and Russian

Digital publications are produced for the Deloitte Library, a new business/ lead generation solution developed by the FBRH team. Target audiences in different countries can easily find the information they need, through the search feature on each digital publication.

eBook samples: Deloitte Oil and Gas | Deloitte Financial Advisory


Viohalco first Annual Report for the Brussels Euronext Stock Exchange

Viohalco joined the Brussels Euronext Stock Exchange in 2013. The FBRH team's brief was to create an Annual Report that swiftly communicated important information about Viohalco to new audiences in four languages. The reports were provided as eBooks and interactive pdfs:

eBook samples EnglishFlemishFrench | Greek

interactive pdf samples EnglishFlemishFrench | Greek




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