FBRH social media strategySolutions that become part of your social media marketing strategy
The importance of social media as part of the marketing mix is now undisputed. In this age of the empowered customer, a deliberate and planned approach to social media helps companies keep their fingers on the pulse of what's important to their customers. Companies that embrace social media as a central part of their strategy quickly realize social media is not about pushing out promotional materials to their audience. It's about having collaborative interactions with customers, prospects and even employees - allowing these companies to gain valuable insights, solidify long-lasting relationships and cultivate customer advocates. 


Social media marketing, when done right, can lead to more customers, more traffic and more conversions.
The FBRH team creates digital publications that provide the proper means of integration with modern social networks.


FBRH ebook sharingUsers interacting with your digital publication
The publication's viewers can upload links to pages on facebook, twitter, linkedin, myspace, Tumblr and Blogger (to name just a few). Also users can copy and send links via e-mail, and even embed your publication into their own sites.

A tool for a company employees
Social media teams are able with digital publications to easily point people to information in well designed pages of digital publications. For example questions appearing in social media regarding Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues can be answered simply by pointing users to a specific page in a digital CSR report.



ENPI (A communication tool by the European Commission)

ELVAL 2013 CSR report

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