Payment is required prior to attendance. All training fees are currently subject to VAT. Positions on the course are secured on a first come first served basis.


Our payment terms are strictly due on receipt, and we reserve our right to apply a flat rate 8% interest charge per day to any account overdue by more than 30 days. We also reserve the right to charge you the cost of a third party recovering any account that is more than 60 days overdue for payment.

IMPORTANT: GRI Exam to become a “GRI Certified Sustainability Professional”

It is important to note that if you wish to become a “GRI Certified Sustainability Professional” you will need to take the GRI Exam.

  • With the FBRH GRI Standards Certified, IEMA and CIM recognised course you will have completed three of of the five Continuous Education Units (CEUs) so you will be eligible to take the GRI exam. These remaining CEUs need to be covered with GRI Certified courses which can be provided as a trainer led option or as self-paced. These GRI Certified courses and the GRI exam are at an extra cost.
  • To maintain the title “GRI Certified Sustainability Professional”, every year, you need to complete at least 8 continuous education units (CEUs).
  • I acknowledge that the FBRH mock exam is a practice examination designed to assist me in readying for the GRI Certification exam. Additionally, I comprehend that fulfilling the prerequisite for the GRI Certification exam entails successful completion of the three mandatory GRI Certified courses. I also acknowledge that the courses and the exam will be at an extra cost ranging from £1300 – £2200 (depending on the learning option I choose: classroom vs realtime remote learning). The FBRH practice exam is separate from the GRI-Certified courses and does not result in the issuance of a certificate by FBRH.

If you wish to follow this path and need more information please contact us

With your acceptance of these terms and conditions you acknowledge that you understand what is needed to gain the title “GRI Certified Sustainability Professional”

Cancellation Policy

Where unavoidable we reserve the right to change the venue or speakers. If we cancel your course we will endeavour to reschedule or you will be notified and we will refund your fees in full (minus any bank transfer fees) or you may choose to re-enroll for another course. We will not refund any other costs you incur as a result of the cancellation. Cancellations by you received in writing one calendar week prior will receive a 50% refund. No refunds applicable after this date.


If for any reason an attendant cannot make it for the seminar dates that he/she has booked we will endeavour to reschedule the training. We reserve the right to charge extra costs incured (catering etc)

The Programme

We reserve the right to alter or change the programme at any time, and may replace speakers if necessary due to such circumstances as illness or sudden unforeseen unavailability.


A certificate of attendance will be provided to each delegate. Neither the certificate or the FBRH GRI Certified Course carry any academic authority, nor do they provide any qualification in the subjects discussed at the FBRH GRI Certified Course, or authority for the delegate to teach or practice in any of the subjects discussed. The certificate of attendance is provided directly from GRI (16 hours of training). Participants understand that in order to receive this certificate they must complete the course. In the case that part of the course was not attended participants may request in writing to attend the next course which will incur further fees.

Limitation of Liability

Delegates are responsible for taking care of their own property. Liability for accident, injury or loss suffered while attending FBRH courses will only be accepted by FBRH Consultants Ltd if it is directly due to negligence on our part. FBRH Consultants Ltd accepts no responsibility in any circumstances for any sequential or indirect loss, misfortune or implied loss or misfortune that may be incurred by our delegates or guests, associates, and agents, or any third party either during or after the course(s) are provided or whilst using material or information obtained at the course(s).


Always consult with a healthcare professional before making any significant changes to your diet or exercise routine. The information provided via FBRH Courses is for educational purposes and should not replace professional medical advice.


Training Material is copyright-protected. Neither the reproduction nor distribution of the training material nor any extract from it may be reproduced, stored, translated, or transferred in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopies, recorded, or otherwise) for any purpose without prior written permission from FBRH Consultants Ltd and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). © 2024 FBRH Consultants Ltd. ©2024 Global Reporting Initiative.

Information Usage

Unless you explicitly inform us otherwise, by participating in the FBRH courses, you consent to the disclosure of your course attendance details to our certifying bodies, including IEMA, GRI, and CPD, for the purpose of generating certificates. Additionally, you agree that we may display your company’s logo on our website to indicate your participation in our courses, unless you expressly request otherwise. We commit not to sell your Personal Information to any third party.

By accepting these terms, you also agree to receive information related to our courses and assurance services at FBRH. This may include updates, announcements, and relevant content designed to enhance your training experience and/or your understanding of our offerings. If you have any concerns or wish to modify these permissions, please inform us accordingly.

Unless you expressly tell us otherwise you agree that we may disclose to third parties that you are or have attended our course(s) and may add your logo to our website to indicate this. We will not send you unrelated to FBRH marketing material unless you or your company have requested it and we will not sell your Personal Information to anyone, or otherwise disclose your Personal Information to any third party except as may be requested from time to time by your company and as outlined in these terms of use.

Governing Law

The Laws of England and Wales and the courts of London shall govern the resolution of any dispute.