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Vision, Mission and Values

Trust is like the air we breathe: an integral part of our being.FBRH is the acronym of the definition of the word trust:

Firm Belief in Reliability and Honesty. We are committed to excellence and continually re-examining and focusing on substance whilst being scrupulous with details.

A “Culture of Sustainability”
We strongly believe that the many challenges our world is facing today can be tackled effectively if the majority of business / organisations identify their impacts and take action to reduce negative impacts and increase positive impacts through an all-round, structured and methodical approach.

At FBRH we advocate the GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards, the Νo1 sustainability reporting framework as the best way to compile an all-round sustainability report and compliment this, if needed, with other sustainability standards.

We need a “Culture of Sustainability” to underpin a green recovery not just in regards to the environment but also for the economy and society.

It is, therefore, the duty of every person and every business or organisation to identify ways they can use any leverage they have to Increase Positive Change (IPC).

Pursuing the multiplying effect to establish a “Culture of Sustainability” must be the number one most important (material) issue in our complicated, busy world and achieve a green recovery. Everyone can play a part in helping tackle the root of problems and create the wisdom we need to avoid situations where we will need it, like climate change.

Our Vision:
FBRH Consultants shares the vision of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI):

“A thriving global community that lifts humanity and enhances the resources on which all life depends.”

Our Mission:

  • To create a future where sustainability with a principled approach to double materiality (tackling all important impacts regardless on how they affect business success) is integral to every organisation’s decision-making process.
  • To help companies and organisations, regardless of their size and sector, start their reporting journey, taking their first step towards creating a first-class GRI Standards sustainability report and owning the sustainability reporting process. We empower companies through GRI Certified and IEMA approved Training and the FBRH expert consultation services.
  • To communicate the importance and value of Sustainability Reporting Done Responsibly and argue that Sustainability must be implemented by taking solid action, based on the methodical, holistic and structured approach the GRI Standards offer (Identify (materiality) > Measure > Manage > Change). Solid action is needed to achieve a more sustainable environment, economy and society.

Our Values:

  • We are committed to building trust with each and every one of our actions, with integrity, transparency, and respect for the individual and community.
  • We will facilitate and help reach excellence through critical assessment and never shame the sustainability efforts of any company or organisation.
  • It is far more important that sustainability reporting is taken up by as many companies and organisations as possible, so we collectively achieve a better environment, economy and society.