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FBRH Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB) Assurance

ISAE3000. Reporting with purpose and gaining stakeholder trust with FBRH’s PRB Assurance

Our team of experts thoroughly assesses the reliability and credibility of the reported information, ensuring it meets the rigorous requirements set by the Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB). While ISAE 3000 sets the global benchmark for assurance engagements, FBRH’s tailored approach ensure a meticulous review of PRB requirements.


Build Trust with Key Stakeholders

When you choose FBRH as your assurance provider, you gain the unique benefits of 23+ years of combined experience by ESG/ sustainability experts. This, in turn, adds credibility with key stakeholders for business success. FBRH’s ISO 9001 certification signifies a commitment to quality management. This internationally recognized standard assures stakeholders of rigorous processes, fostering trust by demonstrating a dedication to delivering reliable sustainability services, meeting or exceeding expectations consistently.

First class PRB assurance services: The result of solid, hands-on ESG/ Sustainability experience

    • FBRH is a GRI Certified Training Partner (Global), IEMA Training Centre and a member of CPD.
    • FBRH builds trust. Over 200 reviews from top professionals from around the world demonstrate our ability to build strong, trusting business relationships.
    • FBRH possesses a unique skill set that combines ESG/sustainability certified training, experience in advisory services and report preparation, and ESG/sustainability report assurance.

The combination of all the above empowers FBRH to provide first class Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB) assurance services.

Exclusive Efficiency: Transforming ESG/ Sustainability Assurance with the FBRH Secure Proprietary Platform

We’ve established a unique and secure proprietary platform explicitly crafted for ESG/ Sustainability report Assurance. It streamlines the assurance process, allowing for seamless commenting, efficient filtering, and the generation of PDFs or Excel files as needed.

Report Reinforcement:
FBRH’s Competitive Edge

FBRH’s Management Letter is invaluable, offering constructive insights to enhance ESG/ sustainability reports. It serves as a strategic guide, pinpointing strengths and areas for improvement, ensuring continual progress. This iterative feedback loop contributes to a more robust and impactful reporting process, reinforcing transparency and accountability.

UN Principles for Responsible Banking: Accelerating a positive global transition for people and the planet

With over 300 signatory banks representing almost half of the global banking industry, the Principles for Responsible Banking are the world’s foremost sustainable banking framework. Through these Principles, the banking community takes action to align core strategies, decision-making, lending and investment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and international agreements such as the Paris Climate Agreement.