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Course Features
Language: English
7 hours on-demand video
3 days (6 1/2 hours each day)
Study Level: Intermediate
Certificate of completion by GRI, IEMA and CPD

Important note: this course is also delivered as a classroom option
(venue: London School of Economics – LSE)

Do you need to take sustainability action and formulate your business strategy?

This GRI, IEMA, and CPD Certified course delivers no-nonsense ESG/ sustainability and the ability to take action ASAP.

To begin taking sustainability action (measuring, managing, and changing), you first need to clearly identify your significant impacts (environment, economy, people and their human rights) throughout your value chain. In this effort you will learn how to employ the well recognised GRI 4-step materiality methodology (aligned with ESRS, OECD, UNGPs).

Once you complete the identification process, it is time to take action to reduce your negative impacts and formulate your sustainability strategy. This gives you the ability to achieve a balance between creating and delivering value to the business while also delivering value to stakeholders and the planet.

This GRI, IEMA & CPD course is geared towards busy professionals who want to understand how to proceed and create a first-class GRI Standards Sustainability Report, address the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) and have a plan for immediate sustainability action without wasting time.

Every FBRH course comes with an easy-to-understand, step-by-step plan of action to help you hit the ground running.

What will I learn?

Begin taking immediately ESG/ Sustainability action and prepare your strategy with an all round report using the GRI Standards as an umbrella framework.


  • investor and other key stakeholder needs
  • the Sustainable Development Goals
  • the EU CSRD Directive
  • Stock Exchange ESG Rules
  • other frameworks /regulations

Prior Knowledge

Good command of the English language.

Course programme

Learn how to prepare a 1st Class GRI Sustainability Report
and take solid sustainability action

7:55 London time

This course can be taken as part of the academic preparation to become a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional

Course Features
up to 25 Participants
Language: English
2 days (7 1/2 hours each day)
Highly interactive with group work/presentations
Exclusive FBRH Templates
Practical plan of action
Certificate of completion by GRI, IEMA and CPD



Simon is an experienced trainer and combines communication and ESG /Sustainability expertise. This enables him to teach in a clear and practical way course material and empower participants to take sustainability action ASAP. We provide each and every participant with a clear road-map/ practical plan of action. This is assessed in group exercises with clear group tasks to help ensure that you complete the course and are able to go forward immediately.

  • MBA Marketing (Oxford Brooked University)
  • University of Cambridge business course
    “Sustainable Finance”
    “Sustainable Supply Chain Management”
  • Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (FCIM)
  • Fellow of the Institute of Environmental Management
    and Assessment (FIEMA)
  • Editor
  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Journalism (CIoJ)
  • GRI Nominated trainer
  • IEMA trainer

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Learn how to take sustainability action ASAP through GRI ESG/ Sustainability reporting

10 & 11 Sep 24
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CLASSROOM (Venue: London School of Economics)

Learn how to prepare a 1st Class GRI Sustainability / ESG Report

Become a GRI Certifed Sustainability Professional

Complete the full academic preparation for the GRI Certification exam and have your name published on the GRI website. You will gain three certificates (GRI, IEMA & CPD)

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1) Select the dates for a reporting course and your preferred mode of delivery
(Classroom or Real Time Remote Learning)
2) Select the dates for the two one-day courses (SDGs and Human Rights).
Available only as a Real Time Remote Learning option.

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Part 1. Introduction

1.1 Practical information

1.2 Learning objectives

PART 2 - Overview of the GRI Standards

2.1 Useful terminology

2.2 Sustainability reporting

2.3 Introduction to the GRI Standards

2.4 Structure of GRI Standards

2.5 How to use the GRI Standards

Address the SDGs, the EU Directive for non-financial reporting, other standards & frameworks and stock exchange rules

PART 3 - The GRI Standards

3.1 GRI 1: Foundation 2021

3.2 GRI 2: General Disclosures 2021

3.3 GRI 3: Material Topics 2021

3.4 GRI Sector Standards

3.5 GRI Topic Standards

PART 4 - Start your reporting process using the GRI Standards

4.1 How to apply the in-accordance requirements

4.2 How to apply the reporting principles

4.3 How to determine material topics

4.4 How to report general disclosures

4.5 How to report material topics

4.6 How to present reported information

PART 5 - Conclusion

5.1 Summary

5.2 What’s next?

14:30 London time

200+ REVIEWS ★★★★★

"You can know nothing about GRI
Standards and in 2 days you will be
ready to advise clients or run a
reporting project for your company."

Laurence Cox
(Salterbaxter, an MSL Company)

“Thanks for two excellent days of
learning How to Create a 1st-Class GRI
Standard Sustainability Report"

Anette Brøto Nereng
(KPMG Norway)
Linkedin post

“Pleased to share that as of today I am a GRI
Certified Sustainability Professional. Great
course, thank you for the insights and
unique learning path”

Ting Chaung Ho
(S&P Global)
Linkedin post


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